Green Mount Cemetery welcomes visitors.  Maps and other materials can be obtained at the Cemetery Office located on the right side of the Entrance Gate; the minimal charge for these materials help cover the cost of production. All visitors are asked to sign in at the office.

Visitors are encouraged to set their own pace on a self-guided walking or driving tour. Featuring more than 75 of the most visited grave-sites; the tour provides an intriguing look into the history of Baltimore.

Guided Walking Tours
Do you have a group that would like to tour the Cemetery? A 90 minute guided walking tour led by a member of the Cemetery Staff can be arranged on a year round basis. Participants will learn about the history of Green Mount and visit the graves of many individuals that have had a profound impact on our Nation’s history.

For more information about tours and presentations contact the Cemetery at (410) 539-0641 or send an email to

Tours with Baltimore Historian Wayne Schaumburg
Each May and October Wayne Schaumburg leads guided tours of the Cemetery on Saturday mornings. Mr. Schaumburg has degrees in history and liberal arts from Towson University, Morgan State University, and Johns Hopkins University.  He taught in the Baltimore City School system for 39 years.  Mr. Schaumburg began giving tours of Green Mount Cemetery in 1985 as a volunteer with the City Life Museums.  Mr. Schaumburg can be reached by telephone at (410) 256-2180, or you can email him at Visit his website to learn about additional tours around Baltimore:

From birdwatchers to Civil War historians, Green Mount Cemetery attracts groups with a wide variety of interests.  Groups wishing to visit Green Mount on their own are asked to schedule their visit at least two weeks in advance by calling the Cemetery Office at (410) 539-0641.

Hours of Operation:
The Cemetery office and grounds are open Monday through Friday 9:00 AM till 4:00 PM. The office closes at noon on Saturdays; the grounds remain open until 4:00 PM. In cases of inclement weather, please call before visiting.

Holiday Schedule:

  • New Year's Day - Closed
  • Martin Luther King Day - Closed
  • President's Day - Closed
  • Palm Sunday - 9:45 a.m. - 1:15 pm (grounds only)
  • Easter Sunday - 9:45 a.m. - 1:15 pm (grounds only)
  • Mother's Day - 9:45 a.m. - 1:15 pm (grounds only)
  • Memorial Day - 9:45 a.m. - 1:15 pm (grounds only)
  • Father's Day - 9:45 a.m. - 1:15 pm (grounds only)
  • *July 4th -  Closed
  • Labor Day - Closed
  • Thanksgiving Day - Closed
  • *Christmas Day - Closed

* Should the holiday fall on a weekend, the Cemetery will be closed either Friday or Monday, so please call prior to your visit.

Suggestions for visiting:
   1. Wear comfortable walking shoes.
   2. Take a stroll down “Oliver's Walk”.
   3. Enjoy the view of the city skyline from the southwest side of the Chapel.
   4. Restroom facilities are located at the Entrance Gate.

Green Mount Cemetery is a place of national significance.  Please help us maintain its beauty and dignity by observing the following rules of etiquette:

  1. Parking is permitted along the sides of all roadways.
  2. Please drive carefully.  Speeds should not exceed 15 mph.
  3. We ask that groups wishing to visit the Cemetery schedule their visit at least two weeks in advance.
  4. Buses may park on the apron in front of the Entrance Gate, but are not permitted inside the Cemetery.
  6. Show respect for the deceased and for their surviving families and loved ones.  Do not intrude on funeral services.  Do not bring alcohol, firearms, or entertainment items into the Cemetery.  Always be considerate of others.
  7. Well-behaved children under the direct supervision of responsible adults are welcome.  Running, playing, and noisy activities are not appropriate.
  8. Pets are not permitted.
  9. Please do not litter.
  10. Photographs (but not films) can be taken but they are not to be published commercially, and the photographer shall not identify the site, location or specific subject matter depicted in any such photograph. Photographing funerals is prohibited.
  11. Filming or other audio-visual recordings are prohibited.
  12. Please plan your visit so that you can exit the Cemetery no later than 3:45 PM.

Items Available for Sale:
Please contact our office for availability and shipping information.

  1. Green Mount Cemetery 100th Anniversary Books - $15.00
  2. T-Shirts - $15.00
  3. Coffee Mugs - $5.00
  4. Canvas Tote Bags - $8.00
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