Our Most Visited Gravesites

Compiled from our visitor’s requests when touring the cemetery, below is a listing of our most visited gravesites. From mayors, governors and legislators to past military leaders, titans of early Baltimore and Maryland industry, financiers and philanthropists, educators, inventors, artists and authors, and many more famous, infamous and even notorious individuals who left their impact on Baltimore, Maryland and our country.

The number listed next to the individuals name corresponds to the location identifier (red circled number) on out visitor’s map, currently found in a large format affixed to the wall outside the cemetery office and available as a handout at the sign in station.

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34 Augustus W. Bradford,    N/34 

26 Frank Brown,    BB/29 

  9 Theodore R. McKeldin,    Cedar/14 

63 Robert McLane,    V V/40 

41 Harry W. Nice,    Mausoleum 

16 Albert Cabell Ritchie,    Chapel/7 

24 Thomas Swann,    F/33,34 

18 William Pinkney Whyte,    Chapel/18 


56 John Lee Chapman,    V/94 

12 James Hodges,    Summit Vaults/27 

55 Ferdinand C. Latrobe,    EE/22 

  6 James O. Law,    EE/9 

63 Robert McLane,    V V/40 

29 James H. Preston,    Northwest/2 

20 Joshua Vansant,    AA/28 


11 Johns Hopkins,    Summit/8,9 

58 Harriet Lane Johnston,    WW/136 

54 Enoch Pratt,    G/32 

22 Samuel Ready,    A/3 

51 Moses Sheppard,    U/14-17 

46 Henry Walters,    J/36,37 

46 William Walters,    J/36,37 

Business Leaders 

  8 Arunah Abell,    Chapel/51 

67 John R. Bland,    Southeast/6 

25 Alexander Brown,    F/36 

43 Isaac Emerson,    Mausoleum 

17 James Swan Frick,    Chapel/1 

10 Robert Garrett,    Summit/1-7 

64 Obed Hussey,    Vine/20 

  4 William Keyser,    Entrance/71,73,75 

21 J. Wilson Leakin,    A/2 

  3 The Lucas Family,    Entrance/64 

  1 William A. Marburg,    Entrance/23 

45 Robert Norris,    Beech #1/100 

  5 Robert Oliver Vault/Memorial,    Entrance Drive Uphill Center

48 Commodore Thornton Rollins,    H/2 

53 Ross Winans,    R/178-181 

 Other Persons of Interest 

40 Annie Armstrong, Baptist Women’s Missionary Society,    P/63 

75 Samuel Arnold, Conspirator to Lincoln Assassination,    P/40 

15 Elijah J. Bond,    J/20 

66 A. Aubrey Bodine,    Outline 3/36 

44 Betsy Patterson Bonaparte, Sister-In-Law of Napoleon,     J/53 

71 John Wilkes Booth, Actor & Assassin,     Dogwood/9,10 

71 Junius Brutus Booth, Actor,    Dogwood/9,10 

28 Jesse N. Bright, Senator,    Violet/5 

27 J. Archibald Campbell, Associate Justice,    Western/2,3 

65 Allen Dulles, C.I.A. Director,  McDonogh/51 

76 John Eckhart, Circus Performer,    R/19 

33 Robert Goodloe Harper, Senator,    U/121 

32 Sidney Lanier, Poet,    Sycamore/25 

77 J Walter Lord, Author,    Yew/18,19 

78 D. John Gresham Machen, Presbyterian Church Leader,    Walnut 2/15,16 

19 Etta Haynie Maddox, Maryland’s First Women Lawyer,    Chapel 22 

62 Louis McLane, Secretary of State,    V V/36 

52 Daniel S. Norton, Senator,    R/80,81 

74 Michael O’Laughlin, Conspirator to Lincoln Assassination,    AA/43 

  2 William H. Rinehart,    Entrance 60 

73 Morris Soper, Judge,    Yew/127 

35 Severn Teackle Wallis, Lawyer,    N/36 

50 Olivia Cushing Whitridge, First Interment (1839),    Q/6,8,9,11 

49 Thomas Wildey, Founder of the I.O.O.F.,    H/53,55 

 Military Personnel 

37 General Henry C. Bankhead,    Y/7 

72 General Richard N. Bowerman,    Pine/11 

31 General Joseph L. Brent,    Daisy/3 

36 General James M. Deems,    X/36 

69 General Axtell Dodd,    Rose/37 

39 General Arnold Elzey,    O/33 

68 General John Gill,    Southeast/35 

70 General Benjamin Huger,    Outline 1/15 

61 General Joseph E. Johnston,    V V/36 

38 General Henry Little,    O/11 

23 General George Hume Steuart, Jr.,    F/80 

23 General George Hume Steuart, Sr.,    F/80 

57 General Isaac Ridgeway Trimble,    WW/8 

59 General Erastus B. Tyler,    V V/74 

30 General John Henry Winder,    Beech #1/13 

47 General William H. Winder,    G/54 

79 General John R. Kenly,     R/113 

42 General Charles Gaither,    Mausoleum 

60 General George M. Gelston,    V V/18 

14 General Lawrason Riggs,    Chapel/28,29 

13 General Henry M. Warfield,    Chapel/58,59 

  7 Admiral Cadwallader Ringgold,    EE/14,16